VA Loans: No Qualifying Credit Score, No Down Payment

Cleveland Mortgage is happy to work with veterans to secure the best in VA home loans. If you've been turned down for a Conventional Mortgage or FHA loan, a VA loan could be the answer.

VA Loans: Purchase & Refinance Loans for Veterans

The Veterans Administration loan program enables veterans and active duty personnel to purchase or refinance a home with favorable loan terms. The Department of Veterans Affairs guarantees a VA loan but each lender, mortgage broker and loan officer performs on an individual level.  When you work with Cleveland Mortgage it is all about you! Our loan officers work closely with Veterans, active military personnel and military spouses who qualify in order to make the process efficient, transparent and stress-free.

VA Home Loans: No Down Payment and Low Interest Rates

VA loans Cleveland Mortgage

Do you know what your benefits are as a veteran?  The VA loan program offers some of the most attractive and flexible loans available, and they are exclusively for military personnel, veterans and their families. The two biggest benefits that make a VA loan more affordable than a conventional loan are that the borrower typically does not need to make a down payment, and there is no private mortgage insurance (PMI) requirement.

At Cleveland Mortgage our loan officers educate each veteran on all aspects of the mortgage process. We give impeccable service and make the process efficient, transparent and stress free. We will strive to get each customer the best financing terms possible, while also supporting and giving back to our local community. Thank you for your service, now let us serve you!

How Do VA Loans Compare to FHA & Conventional Mortgages?

Conventional Loans

3% Down
As little as 3% down.
PMI Required
Private Mortgage Insurance is required monthly when the borrower puts less than 20% down.
Competitive Interest Rates
There is no government backing on conventional loans, however, Cleveland Mortgage Conventional Rates are extremely competitive in the market.
Standard Qualification Procedures
Conventional options hold stricter qualification guidelines.

FHA Loans

3.5% Down
A minimum of 3.5% down payment is required.
FHA MIP Required
Monthly and upfront mortgage insurance required.
Competitive Interest Rates
Government backing reduces the risk for the lender, which in turn reduces the interest rate for you.
Lighter Qualification Procedures
Lighter qualification standards.

VA Mortgage Loans Cleveland

VA Loans

0% Down
One of the only loan programs left that offers 0% Down.
No Mortgage Insurance
Because they are backed by the government, you are not required to buy private mortgage insurance.
Competitive Interest Rates
Government backing reduces the risk for the lender, which in turn reduces the interest rate for you.
Easier to Qualify
It is easier to obtain a VA loan because the qualification standards aren’t as strict


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