Mixed-Use Mortgage: Best Mixed Use Loans in Ohio

Many banks and lenders avoid mixed-use mortgages due to a slightly higher risk, but at Cleveland Mortgage we specialize in mixed-use, commercial and residential loans.

Home, Business or Investment Property is Zoned Mixed-Use. Can You Get a Mortgage?

Have you ever looked into a home equity line of credit, refinance or even a purchase loan to find out that because the property was zoned mixed-use or being used as mixed-use, you didn't qualify? When you work with Cleveland Mortgage, your mixed-use mortgage is no problem!

Mixed-Use Mortgage: Purchase, Refinance and Development

mixed use mortgage cleveland

Whether you're developing mixed-use real estate, purchasing or refinancing a building that is zoned or used as mixed-use finding a mortgage company that can fit your financial needs can be a challenge. At Cleveland Mortgage we partner with several lenders that make it possible for us to offer the best rates and loan programs for mixed-use loans.

As a mortgage company that prides ourselves in being the lender of choice for many property investors, Cleveland Mortgage will continue to offer the best in mixed-use property loans, commercial loans, blanket mortgages, land loans and several other specialty mortgages that investors have come to rely on us for.

The Cleveland Mortgage Advantage: Best Rates, Most Options

With over 50 years of experience in the mortgage industry, the owners of Cleveland Mortgage have the experience, the relationships and the team of loan officers, processors and closers to offer the best loans at the best rates available with an efficient and transparent process.

With a strong core of mortgage products including Conventional, FHA, VA Loans, and USDA loans we work with many Cleveland area realtors to fund home buyers. However, we also understand there is a need for non-traditional mortgage products and our Portfolio offering just may have the product you are looking for.

  • Bankruptcy and Foreclosure - NO SEASONING (1 day Discharged for Bankruptcy)
  • Investors- blanket mortgage loans available for over 11 financed properties
  • Land/Lot loans - unlimited acreage and hunting grounds allowed
  • Non-Warrantable Condos including Condotels
  • Farm Loans
  • Model Home Leaseback Allowed


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