Blanket Mortgage Loan: Real Estate Developers and Property Investors

At Cleveland Mortgage we work with several property investors, real estate developers, builders and property managers to provide blanket mortgage loans to make financing more convenient and efficient.

Blanket Mortgage Loans for Multiple Properties

Blanket mortgage lending is one of our many specialties at Cleveland Mortgage.  Blanket loans can be a very efficient financing tool for builders that subdivide and sell off separate lots, house flippers buying multiple properties at once and real estate investors, or property managers, to fund multiple investment properties in one loan.

Blanket Loans: Construction, Purchase, Refinance and Development

Blanket Mortgage Loan Cleveland

Cleveland Mortgage is the investor's lender of choice because of our unique programs, knowledge of blanket loans, efficient underwriting process and the way our loan officers keep the investor informed throughout the process.  We know that when you own several investment properties, or are dividing property to develop, that in order to maximize profits, communication and time is of the essence. That's why getting a blanket mortgage with Cleveland Mortgage means:

  • Quick closing
  • Lowest payments
  • Ability to sell properties on your schedule
  • Save money and maximize profit

Blanket Loans and Other Portfolio Products

Cleveland Mortgage Corporation has a very strong core of mortgage products including Conventional, FHA, VA Loans, USDA loans and more. However, we also understand there is a need for non-traditional mortgage products which is why our Portfolio offering just may have the product you are looking for. These innovative solutions are changing the mortgage marketplace.

• Bankruptcy and Foreclosure - NO SEASONING. (1 day Discharged for Bankruptcy)
• Investors- loans available for 11+ financed properties
• Land/Lot loans - unlimited acreage and hunting grounds allowed
• Non-Warrantable Condos including Condotels
• Farm Loans
• Model Home Leaseback Allowed

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